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Gelid Solutions 1-to-4 PWM Fan Splitter

Code: SKU-Gelid-Solutions-1-to-4-PWM-Fan-Splitter
Gelid Solutions 1-to-4 PWM Fan Splitter
  • Weight: 0.400 Kgs
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“If you want your motherboard to control the cooling inside your computer then Gelid's 1-to-4 PWM Fan Splitter could be what you are looking for.

Price: £4.99

Gelid's 1-to-4 PWM Fan Splitter allows the user to connect up to four PWM fans from just one PWM fan header on the motherboard. And because the fans are PWM the RPM of each fan will change dependent on the temperature of the CPU and/or motherboard BIOS settings, meaning the RPM and therefore noise will be reduced if the system does not demand high airflow.

The extra power required to run four fans from this splitter is provided by the 4-pin molex connector, which does need to be connected if more than one fan is used.





  1. Connect four PWM fans from one PWM fan header
  2. Molex connector for extra power
  3. Easy installation





Cable Length (mm) 420
Connector 1 x 4 pin PWM
Plug 4 x 4 pin PWM and 1 x 4 pin Molex
EAN barcode 4897025780460

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